Whizzkid 2 – 1 Year Program For Std 7

Whizzkid 2 – Std 7 – Brochure

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About the Programs

Every good building begins with one important thing – A SOLID FOUNDATION. As parents, you may get caught up in the pressure and neglect to teach foundational skills.

This program

  • The aim of Whizzkid 2 is to advance the understanding of Mathematics and Science and to increase students’ ability to compete.
  • The program keeps students abreast of the latest developments and methods, and national competitive exams in these fields.
  • Students are trained to appear for the Junior Olympiads in Maths & Science, and the NTSE.

This program

1 Academic Year (2022-2023)
Total Hours (appr.): 160 hours

Program Objective

At the end of this program, the student will

  • Be very strong in the foundations of Science and Maths
  • Will develop Logical Thinking Skills

Special Content

Olympiad Non- Routine Problems in Maths will be taught – maximum 65 hours in 2 years

Program Delivery

During 7th Std Maximum 5 hrs per week Maximum 32 weeks
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Batch Size: 20 students
Duration: 160 hours
Level: Foundations