Evolving Prodigy – 3 Years Program For Std 8

Evolving Prodigy – Std 8 – Brochure

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About the Programs

Every good building begins with one important thing – A SOLID FOUNDATION. As parents, you may get caught up in the pressure and neglect to teach foundational skills.

This program

Speed and Accuracy play an important role in scaling the heights of competitive exams. Students must develop the habit of quick cognitive analysis and calculation in order to excel academically.They need to think on their feet, understand basic requirements,identify relevant information sources and use them correctly.

This training program is directed towards enhancing their competency in all these areas, while giving them a competitive edge in various national and state level exams and builds a strong foundation for IIT-JEE, SAT, NTSE, KVPY during middle school years.

This program

3 Academic Years ( 2022-2025)
Total Hours (appr.): 740 hours
+ 100 hours (Special Content)

Program Objective

At the end of this program, the student will

  • Be very strong in the foundations of Science and Maths
  • Will develop Logical Thinking Skills
  • Will be equipped to participate in the corresponding Stds’ Olympiads
  • Will be equipped to take up the NTSE
  • Will have the platform ready for further preparation for KVPY, Olympiads, etc.
  • Will have the platform ready for NEET & JEE preparation

Special Content

Olympiad Non- Routine Problems in Maths will be taught during 8th Std – 35 hrs
Logical Thinking & Model Tests and discussions for NTSE during9th & 10th Std -65 hrs

Program Delivery

During 8th Std Maximum 7 hrs per week Maximum 32 weeks
During 9th Std Maximum 8 hrs per week Maximum 32 weeks
During 10th Std Maximum 8 hrs per week Maximum 32 weeks
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Batch Size: 20 students
Duration: 740 hours
Special Content: 100 hours
Level: Foundations